Welcome to YoungerMusik's Gifted and Talented Day Care

YoungerMusik Day Care specializes in providing children with a safe and nurturing environment. At YoungerMusik, we develop children's creativity, musical abilities and imagination. Children will explore, learn and play in order to enhance and accelerate their intellectual, physical, social, and overall performance.

YoungerMusik Daycare Center's Gifted and Talented Educational Programs

Gifted and Talented Infant Program (Ages 0 - 2)

Teachers focus on many primary areas of development such as singing, playing with puppets, language development and dancing. Infants become aware of other people, and move on to imitating hand and facial gestures, making animal sounds and saying the names of family members. Infants will be provided with motor skill activities.

Gifted and Talented Toddler Programs (Ages 2 - 3)

Our toddlers will be offered a variety of opportunities to explore their world through play. Gross motor and social skills will be developed through both structured and unstructured play. The days will be filled with music, art, dance, language, story times and more.

Gifted and Talented Preschool Programs (Ages 4 - 5)

The Preschool curriculum is filled with many fundamental, hands on and engaging activities. Games teach pre-reading skills like phonemic awareness and letter and sound recognition, basic math concepts, and hands-on science and social studies explorations.

Gifted and Talented Kindergarten Programs (Ages 5 - 6)

The Kindergarten curriculum will be in accordance to the NYS Learning Standards. The main focus will be reading, early writing, and basic math, foreign languages, science, social studies, art, music and physical education.

Please Note

  • If weather is severe, please call ahead to check if we are open. We will post a recorded message in advance whenever possible.

  • Children should be dressed for the day's activities when they arrive. We require a complete change of clothes be kept at our facility in case of spills or accidents. All items sent to school should be labeled with your child's name.

  • Classes are kept to a low student-teacher ratio and often fill up quickly. Your spot will be reserved upon payment of the registration fee. We accept HRA/ACS Vouchers.


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