Dear Parents,

YoungerMusik is about to embark on a summer camp journey.  Our 2016 Summer Day Camp program will be in session from July 6th through September 2nd.  We would like to take this opportunity to invite new campers to join our family of summer fun.

At YoungerMusik, we offer our campers a comprehensive and memorable camping experience. We look to foster a camper's educational and social development.  Our summer camp has been tailored to demonstrate how learning through music and educational activities can be a powerful addition to our summer curriculum.    

Our activities include music, dance, arts and crafts, trips, literacy and games. We offer literary skills through singing songs, writing journals, recreational reading, and performing skits.   

Through our summer camp curriculum we provide opportunities for leadership development, socialization, and self-esteem building, while translating those efforts into better performance in the classroom.

YoungerMusik is designed to provide a positive camp experience, in a safe and accepting environment. Well-trained, qualified staff serve as positive role models for campers.

YoungerMusik enhances camper's self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills through well-planned fun activities. Campers develop a true understanding of diversity in an atmosphere of acceptance and approval through the uniqueness of others. Campers are motivated to be creative, expressive and learn new skills. YoungerMusik strives to address Summer Learning through a theme-based curriculum that includes key academic components. Campers will learn appreciation of the environment and learn ways to take an active role in protecting and conserving it. There will be a focus on social development and teamwork.


Our Values

Caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

YoungerMusik DayCamp


YoungerMusik’s program helps campers ages 2-12 years old, grow mentally and physically by providing challenging activities in both small and large group setting under the supervision of a caring and well trained staff.

Camp Location

YoungerMusik’s summer day camp operates at 5735 Kings Highway, Brooklyn NY 11203. We also use offsite facilities such as local parks and schools to conduct our program.

Dates & Hours of Operation

YoungerMusik has an eight-week program that runs from July 6th - September 2nd

Camp Hours are:

8:00 am-5:00 pm

2016 Camp Session July 6th to September 2nd

Registration Procedures

Registration forms are available at our website

Department of Health regulations also require a completed medical form to be on file for each child prior to the first day of camp.

All medicals are due before your child starts. Any missing documentation will prevent your child from starting.


Payment can be made by personal check, or cash. Please make checks payable to: YoungerMusik Corp.

ACS and HRA Vouchers accepted.

Discount is available for families registering multiple children. (Cannot be combined with any other discounts)

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